SMART Clean Team

The Event Lounge

Introducing The SMART Clean Team!

S – Sanitation
M – Medical
A – Accessories
R – Readiness
T – Training

As we continue to navigate the ever-changing health and safety landscape, organizations need to be committed to promoting healthy best practices.

The SMART Clean Team can help simplify the entire process for you. From pre-event planning through on-site execution, our team will work with your organization and event venue to ensure your next event is as hygienic as it can be for the attendees, stakeholders, and staff. This added layer of preparedness and protection will promote comfort and well-being and lower liabilities during and post event. The SMART Clean Team’s services are meant to compliment the health plan initiatives the venue has in place and are an added level of sanitation details and options specific to your assigned event spaces. Our team proudly offers electrostatic spraying and UV-C light disinfecting technologies. Ask us more about these service offerings!

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