TEL Member Spotlight – Donna
June 28, 2024 Keith Speegle

TEL Member Spotlight – Donna

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DonnaTEL Member Spotlight – Donna

Meet Donna- Your Trade Show TEL expert

Your Name: Donna or DR

Your role at #TheEventLounge: Event Project Manager AKA Diligent Event Detailer

How long have you been a member of #TeamTEL: 6 years

Your favorite thing about being a member of #TeamTEL: Having a talented team to support you, and we have fun!

One activity/habit that you plan to focus on in 2024: Training for a 5K

Your favorite food: My mom’s Italian cooking

Your favorite celebration: My birthday, especially when I can celebrate it with my twin sister.

What are you most looking forward to in this summer: Vacations, but nothing planned yet.

TEL-TipsTEL Tips

How to stand out at a trade show.

Donna shares the trends and best practices she is seeing in the marketplace.

We are definitely seeing more lit displays on the trade show floor to give that pop, stand out and draw attention to the booth. We’ve added LED light panels, LED wall graphics and under the counter lighting for a glow in any color.

Offering something interactive in the booth is also appealing to attendees. Some examples are unique refreshment stations, unique entertainment like magicians or digital caricature artists, and charity giveback activations like canvas shoe decorating or teddy bear stuffing. It’s not always about picking up a trinket at the booths. Sometimes giving back makes for a memorable experience.

We all know that there’s lots of walking at trade shows and conferences so offering a seating area is welcoming to the attendees to sit and reenergize in your booth space. We have assembled large seating areas and smaller quaint conversational settings.

Bringing green space indoors is rising in popularity. Using greenery and live wall elements, we have curated areas that are rejuvenating and refreshing.

Immersing the attendee into an experience is key. Augmented reality and virtual elements can definitely add another dimension and attraction to your booth.

Our clients also appreciate our expertise in the trade show industry and turn to us for trade show management that allows their people to focus on client relations. Not having to worry about booth logistics and setting up a booth frees them up to focus on their clients and maximize their ROTS (return on trade show!).

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